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  • Intentional Design vs Customer Satisfaction

    March 24, 2014 1 min read

    Since launching our store on Etsy and subsequently starting our own website, we've experienced some issues surrounding our print sizes and customer expectations.  With images and descriptions, there have still been many questions about the size of the print.

    Mark's Landmark Series was designed with the intention of creating a memorable piece of art that one could acquire and frame for a reasonable cost.  The central image is surrounded by a large natural white border with a "stamp" at the bottom, which evokes travel posters of old, from which Mark derives some inspiration.

    Many customers ask if we can manipulate the size of the images to fit their framing needs.  While the first few customers were accommodated, we quickly discovered that process took up a lot of Mark's time - for which we couldn't charge enough and keep the prints reasonably priced.

    The prints were also designed with specific sizes to achieve maximum usage of the paper and printers that we use.

    New printing methods are available and we are exploring options that would enable us to size prints of any kind, respecting the aspect ration of the original design and quality of the current prints, and keeping the work accessible for all collectors.

    With that, I thought I should add more images to more clearly express the size of the prints that we offer.  Hopefully, that will answer all the questions our fans might have, and prevent any disappointment upon receipt of the print.

    What you see below are images of our notecard (Lake Superior Sail), 8"x10" (Lake Superior), and 16"x20"(Mill City):

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